How to Get the Best Deals on Your Flowers

floral display

Regularly decorating your home or filling an event space with flowers can be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to save money on flowers. When shopping for bouquets, arrangements or potted flowers online, you can get the best deals when you follow these tips.

Use discount coupons

Using coupons when ordering flower products online is a surefire way to get the best deals on bouquets and flower gifts. You can find discount coupons for various flower companies from voucher sites, which list all the active promotions according to brand and category–simply look under “Flowers” for all of the latest deals on bouquets and other flower arrangements. Depending on the company and the deal offered, you can score money off orders or discounts of up to 15 percent. Make sure you use a voucher code for Bunches to get extra savings next time you buy your flowers!

Choose flowers in season

Flowers that are locally available and in season are not only the freshest but also the least expensive because you won’t have to shoulder transport costs. Aside from flowers in season, you’ll also get great deals from choosing flowers that never go out of season, such as roses, orchids and calla lilies that bloom all year round.

Go for flowers that create a greater impact

Sometimes it’s more economical to go for larger blooms that may be slightly more expensive but will create a bigger impact and fill more space. Flower varieties such as giant sunflowers and puffy hydrangeas are often better on their own or require very few other flowers, which means you actually get to save more by using less. Talk to your florist about your budget and come up with a way to include pricier but more impacting stems for stunning arrangements.

Use alternatives

Another way to get great deals on flowers is to swap out pricier stems for other varieties that look the same but cost significantly less. Peonies are classic beauties, but so are roses. If you love how peonies look in an arrangement but don’t have the budget to pull it off, go for roses instead, or another variety your florist can suggest. A good florist will know how to pull off the arrangement you want according to your budget.

If you really want to have peonies–for instance, at your wedding–consider using them at special places instead of the whole venue. Your wedding bouquet is probably the best place to put peonies in, and then use alternatives for other places such as centrepieces.

Use greenery–lots and lots of greenery

Speaking of centrepieces, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create an impact on your guests at their tables. While a table arrangement full of the best blooms sounds amazing, the total cost isn’t. Florists suggest supplementing table arrangements with lush greenery such as eucalyptus and other foliage to cut back on costs without sacrificing on style. Aside from centrepieces, bridesmaid bouquets and aisle flowers can also benefit from greenery.

Buy in bulk

If you have a little more time to spare and are looking to save more money, go the DIY route and buy your flowers in bulk. You’ll get big discounts when you buy cut flowers and greenery by the dozen, and while the thought of making your bouquets and arrangements yourself can be daunting, it can be done. Get your friends or bridesmaids together and have fun!