Which Flowers Will Suit You Best In The Spring?

spring flowers

Before the hot and humid summer days arrive, enjoy the bright colours and fresh scents that spring blooms can bring. If you’re planning which flowers to plant that will be perfect for springtime, here are some of the best varieties chosen by gardening experts themselves. For best results, visit your local garden centre to know which flowers bloom best in your region.

Wallflower ‘Bowles’s Mauve’

Bowles’s Mauve blooms from spring until late autumn. Plant it where there’s plenty of sun and good drainage, and this bushy wallflower will soon give you colourful sprays of purple flowers amidst grey-green foliage.

Pieris DX

The shiny leaves of the pieris shrub are green all year round, bringing cheer to the winter gloom. Come spring, the plant starts to change–you’ll see plumes of pink and red leaves with small creamy white flowers shaped like a bell, adding to its springtime charm.


You’ll know it’s really spring when the forsythia blooms in a blaze of gold. This flower keeps on blooming until April. It dulls down a bit and then, come autumn, the leaves turn purple, red or orange depending on variety.

Crocus chrysanthus

This silvery blue crocus also known as Blue Pearl adds sparkle in the early spring under full sun. Small but wonderful at only 7 centimetres high, the Blue Pear complements bright oranges, yellows and purples such as daffodils and Bowles’s Mauve. Crocus vernus, another crocus variety that’s also known by the name Pickwick, is another spring flower that adds a delicate purple hue.


A garden favourite, magnolias come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from potted plants perfect for patios to full-sized trees for dainty gardens. Gardeners agree that magnolias work best as a feature, the stars of the show, so make sure you plant them at a central location instead of hiding them away. The most popular small variety is the Magnolia stellata with its star-shaped blooms, while another striking variety is the Black Lily Magnolia with its deep purple hues.

Arrowwood Park Farm Hybrid

Known for its spicy-sweet fragrance and deep pink buds that grow to apple-white flowers, this Arrowwood hybrid (Viburnum x burkwoodii) is a perfect addition to a spring garden. Shiny green leaves add charm to this 3-metre-high plant, so make sure you plant it where it can be best appreciated.


These flowering shrubs are evergreen, which means they bring colour in winter and bloom with spring flowers as early as February. Considered early flowering shrubs, camellias should be planted in spots that provide shelter so the buds don’t get damaged by frost. Experienced gardeners suggest planting Camellia x williamsii varieties because these need less sunshine than other varieties such as the Camellia japonica.

Other spring flowers

These flowers are the first to bloom in the spring: small daffodils, Iris reticulata, scilla, anemone and pussy willow. In mid-spring, the larger daffodil varieties such as the Mount Hood and King Alfred announce their presence. Tulips, rhododendron and azaleas also start to grow. Hyacinths and primroses also grace gardens with their colours and scents. In late spring, the fragrant lily of the valley and the delicate saucer magnolia start to bloom, along with lilac, spiracea and peony shrubs.